Red River Valley 
Pullers Association


Red River Valley Pullers Association is a club dedicated to modified truck & modified tractor pulling.  Members from North Dakota, Minnesota, and Manitoba Canada are individuals and organizations that promote the motorsport of competitive pulling.

Giving Drag Racing a New Definition 310 Feet at a Time.

We are booking pulls for the 2020 season now.  If you would like to have us come put on a pull for you please see the contact information below. 

We have also added a new class for the upcoming season.  It is Street Gas 4x4 trucks.  Click below to view the rules.

  Street Gas 4x4 Rules 2019.pdf.

Click the link below to see the 2019  point totals.

Point Standings 2019.pdf

Please contact one of the members of our Promotions Committee if you are interested in booking a show:

Neil Harmon - 218.358.0456

Ryan Tichy - 218.639.5325

Printable rules are available on the 2019 Rules page

Thank you to everyone for another great year of truck and tractor pulling.

All the results for the 2019 season along with the 2019 Points Totals are posted on the 2019 Results page.

Please check the RRVPA Facebook page for updates for the 2020 Season